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Originally bottled from 1923 to 1967 in Independence, Missouri, Polly’s has always been a local favorite. Today Polly’s Pop is making a comeback in the same place & with the same great taste. Here in Independence, we take pride in using pure cane sugar & locally sourced flavors.


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Only serving the best craft sodas to our community!


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With close to a decade of the same great taste, we pride ourselves in the ingredients, of our gluten & caffeine free pop.

Don’t Take Our Word For It. Take Theirs!

I just wanted to say this is some of the best soda I’ve ever had. I’m not usually one to drink soda, but I’ve had a polly pop every single night since we started stocking them where I work.

– Zach W.

Best soda I have ever had. It still is to this day.

– Joseph S.

I’ve recently stopped drinking sodas… but if I were to ever start drinking them again, I would 1000% get these. They are so good! The Black Cherry is my absolute favorite!

– Forrest C.

Adding new flavors as they go, the classic soda label is growing and doing well. Do not be shy. Try out every flavor you can.

– John C.

Polly’s Pop is the purest-tasting soda I’ve ever had I love a pineapple Polly Pop on a hot or cold day.

– H.M.

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